This is the part they don’t see…


This is the part they don’t see…

The sleepless nights. The constant mindset work. The hit to the nervous system every time money leaves the account…no matter how much is in there.

The uncomfortable conversations.

The feeling like you’re not good enough.

That feeling like they will never buy again. That this will be the last time. That it’s not really going to work.

They don’t see the the constant questioning…is this really what I’m here to do. Do they even like me. Is this even working.

They see the beautiful branding. The money flowing in every day. The clients results. The amazing life.

They see the beauty of it all.

But sometimes. Even when when we talk about it. Even when we show it. Even when we live it.

They don’t see the struggle. The duality. The overwhelm. The pain.

They don’t see the feeling like you want to give up. Get a job. Walk away.

They don’t see the nights in bed crying because you yelled at your babies one more time.

They don’t see the fear that you’ll always be alone.

They don’t see everything you hold. And the truth is…they don’t want to.

But I do. I see you. I get you.

In some ways…I am you.

I hold the high cash months. The magic money. The life that continues to blow my mind.

I hold the most amazing Clients who are changing the world every single day.


I hold the baby with night terrors. The one whose emotions are so big she just has to scream sometimes. The one who has been so deeply hurt.

I hold the sleepless nights. The exhaustion. The feeling like at any moment it’s all going to shake apart.

I hold the insecurities. The fears. The I’m not good enough.


I hold the power to do it anyway. To live this life anyway. To get into alignment and move anyway.


It’s not about moving past the struggle. It’s about being able to hold it when it comes. And knowing that in an instant everything can shift. That in an instant…it can all get better.

That in an instant everything changes.

That we can spiral up as fast as we spiral down.

That the work is not moving past the fear…but learning how to walk with it.

That the beauty is in the dance.

That this is the life we chose. That we are here to do big things. And when we can accept the struggle as a part of it.

This is when everything begins to change.

This is when the magic happens. This is when we make it rain.

I see you. I feel you. I am you.

Now take a deep breath. Remember you’re not alone. Come back to neutral…and move.

There is a whole world waiting for you to get up today.

I love you. I’ve got you. Let’s do this.

xo! Mindy


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