...This is Insane.


I knew I wanted in…I made the decision.

I said yes…I fcking jumped.

It was a $93,000 investment.

A 12 month commitment.

For a fcking mastermind.

I remember the moment…Almost $8,000/month.

For a fcking mastermind.

I remember the moment…I know this is what I want.

I remember the moment…I’m jumping off the cliff.

I remember the moment…I’m going all in.

I remember the moment…holy shit.

I’m in….It’s done.

I joined for the calls. For Voxer. For the programs. For the vibe.

I came for the proximity for the access.

What I found was a miracle.

What I found changed my life.

What I found blew my mind.

I found my people. My sisters. My tribe.

The women I was here to do life with.

The women who really saw me. Who got me. Who loved me.

The women who could hold me.

I found the space that I could play in. The space where I expanded. The space I could not outgrow. The space where I belonged.

I desired to no longer be the baddest Btch in the room. I desired a space where I could spread my wings. Where I could grow.

Where I could fly.

I came for the access. I came for the calls. I came for the container.

My soul found it’s way home.

This is the power of connection. This is the power of community. This is the power of a mastermind.

Welcome to IGNITE the Mastermind.

12 weeks to creating the business and life of your dreams.

12 weeks to multiple six figures.

12 weeks creating your fck yes offers. Becoming magnetic AF. And selling like a boss.

12 weeks to lighting your soul on fire and setting yourself free.

12 weeks. 8 women. Everything changes.

Pre-sale now available.

Join us. Let’s play.

Xo!! Mindy


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