On not selling from alignment & why it’s selfish AF...


See…here’s the thing.

Selling is an act of service. Showing up every day. Growing our communities. Giving value. Making offers. Asking for the sale.

This is love. This is service. This is why we’re here.

To say the thing we’re here to say. To live the life we’re here to live. To do the work we’re here to do.

No. Matter. What.

No matter what they say. No matter what they do. No matter what they think.

Our job is to live in alignment with the result we offer…first. To take care of ourselves…first. To tap into abundance…first.

And then to move from here. To create from here. To post from here.

Not so that they will buy. Not so that they will need us. Not so that they will see our value.

Not so that they will like our shit.

We show up every day. Living this beautiful life. Sharing the depth of our soul. Giving people the opportunity to move with us.

Because it is the job we’re here to do. Because it’s why we came.

To open our mouths. To say the thing. To let it pour out. To create.

Without expectation. Without pressure. Without attachment.

Knowing. That the money always comes. The Clients always come. The growth always comes.

When we show up no matter what. Speak our truth no matter what.


No. Matter. What.

When we say the thing we’re here to say. Live the life we’re here to live. Plant the seeds we’re here to plant.

The harvest always comes. The money always comes. The Clients always come.

If we’re still standing. If we don’t walk away from our field. If we do the fcking work. If we live the life. If we trust.

It can’t not work. The harvest has to come. It just might not look like what we were expecting.

But this is the magic. This is the work. This is why we’re here.

There are a people tied to our lives. The ones we’re here for. Who need to hear what we have to say. And they need to hear from us.

The money is a byproduct. The message is the reason. The magic is the why.

This is our art. This is our job. This is why we came here.

What a beautiful life we get to live. When we get out of the way…and allow it.

I see you. I believe in you. I love you. And you’ve got this.

Xo! Mindy

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