We made $200,000 CASH in 12 months.


$200,000. We made $200,000 CASH in 12 months.

On the back of one of our lowest months of the year.

The month where we started homeschooling twin 2nd graders.

The month that we decided to focus on self care. Systems. Feeling safe.

The month where we shifted visitations.

The month where everything changed.

This month instead of focusing on the money. I focused on regulating my nervous system.

I focused on consistency. Giving value. Asking for the sale. Showing up.

No. Matter. What.

I focused on how it felt in my body when I made my payments this month. How it felt to let the money flow through my account.

I focused on the abundance instead of the lack.

I celebrated investing 6 figures in 9 months. More than I made my first six figure year in business…on high level mentorship.

3 years ago I didn’t even know how I’d pay for my $7 chai.

3 years ago I walked away from everything with 3 babies.

3 years ago we started over.

This month…after 9 months in the Hypermind I realized as Melanie Ann Layer says it’s less about what I make each month and more about evolution and growth over a lifetime.

The truth is…the money will always come. When we live in alignment. When we show up. When we are the woman we came here to be.

It can’t not.

The truth is…We’re ok with it. And we’re ok without it.

The truth is…the feelings are the same.

The truth is…the money does not define us.

So today I celebrate this beautiful life we get to live.

I celebrate the evolution.

I celebrate the magic.

I celebrate the growth.

I celebrate us.

Here’s to a beautiful October.

I love you and we’ve got this. 😘😘


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