And then THIS happened…🙀🙀🙀


I almost didn’t hit post.

It came through. I knew it was what I wanted to say. What I meant. What I felt.

And I froze.

What will THEY think. What will HE think. What will my MOM think.

Yep. All of it.

Rushing though my head. Through my body. Through my soul.

I saved the draft. I took a breath. I messaged a friend.

And then remembered who the fck I am.

I am the one who says the things no one else will say. The things that others think but keep locked away deep inside.

The things that make people shift. Make people move. Make people feel.

Uncomfortable. Empowered. Liberated.


I took a breath. I hit the button. I exhaled.

And then this happened…INSTANTLY.

“And before I thought I really wanted to give you my money. Now after reading this, I’m going to f*cking give you my money!! 💰🌹🔥❤️💰 Love you!!”

And now I’m welcoming this next level bad Btch into my 1:1 container.

This is why I teach what I teach. This is why I am who I am.

This is why I do what I do.

Because when we follow soul. When we play full out. When we stop watering ourselves the fck down.

When we say the fcking thing we’re here to say. When we’re committed to the message no matter what.

The harvest ALWAYS comes. The Clients ALWAYS come. The money ALWAYS comes.

Take the breath. Say the thing. Trust the work is always working.

Because if you don’t. The ones who you’re here for are dying.

Waiting for you to step up. Waiting for you to burn it down. Waiting for you to fly.

IGNITE is now open. 12 weeks. Calibrating to multiple SIX FIGURES from EASE. From FLOW. From doing the damn thing.

The mastermind for the woman ready for NEXT FCKING LEVEL.

Proximity. Sisterhood. Power.

2 spots remain at $5,555. And yes…she has a payment plan.

Your soul already knows. Send the message.

Let’s play. 🙀🙀💦💦


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