Let's talk about radical acceptance...


Let’s talk about radical acceptance.

This week they found an eggplant sized fibroid on my uterus.


I know.

What the fck right?

Friday they said I had a mass.

Friday night they said it was the size of a softball.

All weekend we waited.

Monday they said it was the size of an eggplant and most likely not cancer.

So that’s good.

But it’s still there.

Inside the wall of my uterus.

To say I’ve been scared would be an understatement.

When we have it all. We also hold it all.

We get to celebrate on the back end of a $24,000 cash month. A new relationship. A beautiful Halloween with my kids.

And this.

The unknown. The terrible options. The pain.

When they say we get to have it all. It also means walking with it all. Holding the duality. Walking though the flip side.

This is where we expand.

This is our work.

This is where we grow.

In the joy and in the pain. In the excitement and in the fear. In the love and in the uncertainty.

This is where we walk.

The ones who want it all.

The ones who signed up for more.

We walk with it all. We hold it all. We embrace it all.

We allow ourselves to be held. To rest. To cry.

And then we fcking move.

Because it’s why we’re here. It’s what’s we’re meant to do.

It’s our job.

So today I move. I show up. I bring you behind the curtain.

Because this is what I stand for.

Authenticity. Living out loud. Not backing down.

Whatever you’re going through today know that I’ve got you. Know that you dan do this. Know it’s just part of your story.

Know that you’re not alone.

I love you. We’ve got this. Let’s fly.


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