Let's talk about selling in a crisis...


Let’s talk about selling in a crisis.

Let’s talk about showing up in the middle of it.

Let’s talk about holding it all.

Let’s talk about the fear of what they might think. What they might say. What they might do.

Let’s talk about showing the fck up.

No. Matter. What.

No matter how fcked up the circumstances get. No matter how much we want to run and hide. No matter how much we don’t want to be seen.

No matter how hard it gets.

We have a job to do. A message to share.

A people to serve.

A reason for being here.

And if we believe that everything is always working out for us. That it’s always this or something better. That it’s always this or something more.

What do we do when when our circumstance push back.

When the world around us feels like it’s falling apart.

When the illusion of control comes crashing down.

Do we stand firm. Do we dig in. Do we move.

Or do we give up. Abandon our field. Walk away from our dreams.

When shit goes sideways. Who will we be.

This is what defines us. This is what makes us strong.

This is why we’re here.

To live the life. To be the magic. To show the fcking world.

To fly.

So what will it be.

The circumstances or the truth.

The fear or the knowing.

The power or the pain.

The choice, my love, is up to you.

The time is now. I see you boo. Together we ride. 🖤


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