I used to be triggered AF...


I used to be triggered AF by those coaches who danced around on the internet.

Now I’m one of those coaches who dances around on the internet.

I used to be triggered AF by women who referred to themselves as witches.

Now I’m referred to as a witch.

I used to be triggered AF by coaches who celebrated every fcking milestone and made it look so fcking easy.

Now I’m one of those coaches who celebrates the fck out of the money and makes it look so fcking easy.

I used to be triggered by coaches who make $100,000s every month in their business.

Wait…that one’s still there.

But here’s what changed.

I started to follow the triggers. I stopped being the baddest Btch in the room.

I started surrounding myself with women who made me feel all the things.

I noticed the triggers. I allowed myself to sit with them. To be activated by them.

To say to myself.

If she can do it. I can do it.

I leaned deeper into trust.

That no matter what. So long as I live in alignment. Plant the seeds. Take care of my people.

Show the fck up.

The harvest can’t not come. That one day I’ll be celebrating $1 Million dollar months. $100,000 days.

That one day I’ll be able to hold thousands of women in my programs.

That one day…if she can do it…I can do it.

The triggers used to keep me small. Now they make my fly.

So today…I challenge you.

Follow the trigger. Let it activate you.

Put yourself in rooms with women who expand you. Mentors who make you want to be better. To go all in.

To keep fcking going.

Today…I encourage you to look for the similarities instead of the differences.

Today…I encourage you to trust. She’s there for a reason. And that you’re ready for more.

Today…I encourage you to believe that anything is possible.

Today…I encourage you to go all in & trust the fcking process.

Today…I encourage you to SOAR.

I love you. You’ve got this. Let’s go. 🔥💦


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