How To Get It All Done When You Just Don't FEEL Like It!

9-23-2020 blog

You know. Some days. I just don’t feel like it.

I don’t feel like growing my audience. Nurturing my audience. Selling to my audience.

Some days. I don’t feel like showing up for all the things I’m responsible for.

Some days.

I straight up wish I had a different life.

One where my mom sees my value.

One where I’m not always trying to impress her.

One where I don’t have littles waking me up multiple times a night.

One where I can just be normal. Basic. Boring.

One where I don’t know things about people they don’t even know about themselves.

One where I wasn’t so goddamn sensitive.

One where I truly believed I was enough. Did enough. Worked enough.

One where those bullshit stories didn’t keep sneaking back in so damn much.

That I’m too big. Too loud. Too much.

One where I wasn’t so damn tired.

But the truth is.

I could find things I don’t like about any life.

The truth is.

It’s all about perspective. It’s all about what I choose to focus on.

I could focus on the fact that my kids wake me up multiple times a night.

That my goals in life never included getting married. Buying a house and having 2.5 kids.

That being a single mom on welfare was the last fucking thing I ever wanted to be.

And that some days it really doesn’t feel like everything is always working out for me.

Some days. I’m sad.

Some days. I’m tired.

Some days. I’m lonely.

Some days. I wonder if anyone will ever truly understand me.

Or if they will always try to put me in some box.

That I by the way have never fit into.

And then I remember the truth.

That some days are painful. Some days are frustrating. Some days feel hard.

Some days I don’t feel love-able.

That some days I don’t feel like I’m enough.

And that gets to be ok.

It gets to be ok to feel.

To let the stories come up.

Because the truth is. We have been taught for way to long to push past the fear. To get over the feelings.

To move on.

But honestly. How’s that working out for you.

Until we can really be honest with ourselves.

Allow the scared little girl inside to say her piece.

Feel. All. The. Things.

Go back to that first time we felt it. Let it all come up. Let her tell the story.

And radically accept the feelings.

It’s not just about forgiving the past. It’s not just about pushing through and doing it anyway.

It’s about honoring your feelings. Giving them a place. Hearing the story.

Then letting her know you’ve got this. She can go play. Her feelings are valid and they will not be running the show anymore.

Let the feelings come up. Tell yourself the story. Listen to the fear.

Because then it looses its power over you.

Because then you can truly move on.

Because then you can remember who the fuck you are and become it.

Because then you can grow.

Because then you can put one foot in front of the other.

Sit your ass in the chair until the inspiration comes.

Share the message you’re here to share. Do the things you’re here to do.

Live the life you’re here to live.

Then. You can have freedom.

Because the truth is we are epic fucking humans. We have a people assigned to our lives. We have a job to do.

And only we can do it.

The choice is up to you. Listen to the lies. The stories. The fear. And live your life from that place.


Let the stories come up. Feel all the things.

Then ask yourself.

What do I choose to believe instead. What is the truth.

And live from that place instead.

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.

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