9-24-2020 blog

You show up anyway.⁣

You do the thing you’re here to do anyway.⁣

You sit your ass in the chair. Trust the muse will show up.⁣

And you create the thing you’re here to create.⁣


Because here’s the thing.⁣

If you don’t.⁣

If you don’t show up for her.⁣

If you don’t give her the space to come through.⁣

If you don’t jump off the cliff naked...⁣

Every. Single. Day.⁣

She will move on.⁣

She will find someone who will.⁣

She will leave you.⁣



My muse will leave me.⁣


Think about it.⁣

Ideas are meant to be brought to life. Created.⁣

We are meant to co-labor with this creative force.⁣

Creation is going to happen with or without us.⁣

The idea will keep on knocking.⁣

It will try for a bit.⁣

But if you keep slamming the door shut in her face.⁣

She will move on to someone else.⁣

Someone who is willing to let the thing come through.⁣

Someone who is willing to bring it to life.⁣

Don’t believe me.⁣

How many times have you had an awesome idea.⁣

And not acted on it.⁣

And it went away.⁣


That’s because she got tired of begging for your attention. She got tired of being ignored.⁣

So she moved the fuck on.⁣

Ok here me on this.⁣

When I heard this concept. I thought it was a bit crazy too.⁣

If you haven’t read or listened to the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert yet...⁣

All I’ll say is...you’re reading this post right now for a reason. And that’s probably it.⁣

I listened to her book. And it totally changed my life.⁣

She talks about how ideas come to us. Wanting to be created. And if we don’t honor them. Let them through.⁣

Do our fucking job.⁣

The go someplace else. To someone else.⁣

When I heard this. I was like. Ok. That could be true. I mean it makes some sense.⁣

Then my 6 year old daughter said to me one day.⁣

Mommy. I have these pictures inside of me. And the ones I haven’t made yet are disappearing.⁣

I can’t see them anymore.⁣

And it broke my heart.⁣

I had not been giving her enough space to create. Enough time to bring her ideas to life.⁣

We changed that shit immediately.⁣

And then I realized. The same was true for me.⁣

I was running around. Doing all the things to build my business.⁣

Doing all the things to make it work.⁣

But I wasn’t showing up for soul. I was not giving space for my muse.⁣

I was neglecting her.⁣

And it was not ok.⁣

No why is this such a big deal Mindy. The ideas will just go to someone else to make.⁣

Yep. They will.⁣

The problem is.⁣

You have a people assigned to your life who need the thing you’re here to make. They need to hear what you’re here to say.⁣

And if you don’t say it. If you don’t do it.⁣

They don’t hear it.⁣

Because they are not here for the other person. They are here for you.⁣


Will you continue to live a life of struggle. Forcing. Doing. Trying to figure it all out.⁣

Or will you pause.⁣

Make the space.⁣

Allow the message to come though. Whatever it is.⁣

Will you stop editing the fuck out of yourself because you’re afraid people won’t understand it.⁣

Afraid people won’t buy.⁣

Will you do the fucking thing you’re here to do every single day.⁣

Whatever it takes. As long as it takes. Until it takes.⁣

Or will you continue to follow basic bitch marketing.⁣

Saying the thing you think will make them buy.⁣

Selling the thing you think will sell.⁣

Crafting the perfect elevator pitch.⁣

“Networking”. Coffee chats. Sending fucking “hey girl messages.”⁣

All in hopes that someone will bite. That it will finally work.⁣

Stop that shit.⁣

Be you.⁣

When that doesn’t seem to be working.⁣

Be more you.⁣

When it is working.⁣

Be more you.⁣

When you’re scared.⁣

Be more you.⁣

When you’re stuck.⁣

Be more you.⁣

It’s time to go all in on the madness you’re here to create. The message you’re here to share. The thing you’re here to do.⁣

You ready.⁣

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.⁣

Xo! Mindy⁣

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It’s time to quit playing small. It’s time to fucking jump.⁣

You ready.⁣

I cannot wait to work with you.⁣



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