9-27-2020 blog

It’s time to stop telling yourself it has to be hard to be worth it.

It’s time to stop believe it’s one or the other.

It’s time to stop buying the bullshit stories you tell yourself on the daily.

That you’re not good enough.

Not smart enough.

Not pretty enough.

Not what the fuck ever enough.

It’s time to stop comparing your outsides to everyone else’s outsides.

It’s time to stop scrolling the fucking highlight reel.

Trying so hard to fit it.

You my dear never have. Never will. Never should.

Fit in with everyone else.

You my dear are an epic fucking badass. A magical fucking unicorn.

The best of the best.

The baddest bitch in the room.

You were never meant to fit it. You were always meant to shine. To lead. To shake things up.

You were always meant to trailblaze that shit.

To make a difference.

To change the world.

You my dear.

Never were called to be “normal”.

Are you done trying so hard yet.

Are you done trying to figure it out.

Are you done trying to make it work.

Are you ready to go all in on the madness of being you.

Unapologetically. Zero fucks given. Not trying to impress anyone.

All you. Just you. Wonderfully you.

Are you ready to show up.

Every. Single. Day.

Are you ready to do what it takes. As long as it takes. Until it takes.

No matter what it takes.

Or not.

Are you ready to stop comparing. Stop judging. Stop feeling so goddamn guilty.

Ready to live the life you’re here for. Make the money you’re here for. Change the lives you’re here for.

Are you ready to jump off the cliff naked.

Share your message.

No matter fucking what.

No matter what they say.

No matter what they think.

No matter what they do.

Will you show up anyway.

Every day.

Until you die. Until you’re done. Until it works.

Or are you good trying so hard every day to fit it with people who are never going to understand you anyway.

The choice my love is up to you.

The first step is you must decide.

Then and only then can you truly go all in. Truly live the life. Truly make the money.

Truly change the world.

From flow. From ease. From fun.

It gets to be easy. It gets to be worth it. It gets to be amazing.

But you must first decide. Then show up. And finally...never stop.


You ready?

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.

Xo! Mindy

Ps. Are you ready to decide.

Ready to go all in.

Ready for more money. More time. More impact. More clients. More freedom.

Without all the stress. Without all the bullshit. Without all the overwhelm.

Or not.

The time is now.

Welcome to Bad Bitch Mastermind.

6 weeks to more money. More time. More freedom NOW!

You ready?

Let’s fucking do this!


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