It's Time To Stop Spinning.

10-1-2020 blog


It’s time to stop spinning. Stop stressing. Stop wondering. Stop figuring.⁣

It’s time to stop reinventing the wheel.⁣

Stop doing something for 4 days only to say it’s not working. What was I thinking. Why did I even try.⁣

Because here’s the truth about people like you and me.⁣

When it’s not working it’s because somewhere deep down inside. Or maybe not even that deep. There is a part of us that doesn’t want it to.⁣

There is a part of us who is served by the crisis. By the chaos. By the always being broke. No matter how much money you have coming in.⁣

When we don’t have Clients. It’s because part of us doesn’t want Clients.⁣

When we don’t make money. It’s because part of us doesn’t really want to. Doesn’t really believe. That it’s possible. That our dreams are ok. And that we really can have every single thing we’ve always wanted.⁣


That we can live the life of our dreams.⁣


That everything can literally change overnight.⁣


When we are willing to let it. When we are willing to accept the life we have been called for. When we are willing to trust. Know and believe it will happen. When we show up and do the work.⁣

Now when I say work I’m not talking about the email. The checking constantly to see if someone replied to your comment. The constantly thinking about work and how you need to change your process. The constantly trying to figure it all out.⁣


I’m talking about the inner work. The connection. The willingness to deal with whatever shit you need to deal with. On the daily. To be better. To grow. To constantly be improving.⁣

You’re either growing or going. Flying or dying.⁣

There is no standing still.⁣

Ok so yeah. It starts with the inner work. Then there’s the soul work.⁣

The thing you’re actually here to do. The message you’re here to unleash on the world. The way you’re here to unleash it.⁣

This is the thing that sets your soul on fire. The thing that makes you who you are. The thing that calls to you every day. The thing that frankly you’ve probably been ignoring because you’re buried in all the busy work that isn’t getting you anywhere but stressed the hell out anyway.⁣

Am I right?⁣

I mean you’ve got an ok life. You’re making money. You’re making moves. You’re doing the damn thing.⁣

But you’re not quite there. Like you can see it. Feel it. Taste it.⁣

But you can’t quite touch it.⁣


Because you’ve created a shadow life. A shadow you. A shadow business.⁣

Ok before you get all...Mindy, you’re so woo on me. Hear me out.⁣

You are really good and whatever you actually apply yourself to.⁣


You are really good at learning the strategies. The ways. The things.⁣

You're really good at showing up and being a really good version of someone else. And because you’re so good at what you do.⁣

You may even be having quite a bit of success.⁣

But it’s empty.⁣

You’re lonely. Your soul is crying out for more.⁣

But you’re also comfortable.⁣

Oh no. Not that. Not comfortable.⁣

You’ve become complacent.⁣

So then you dig in even harder. Even deeper. Even further into this life you’ve created.⁣

But eventually. Always. Every single mother fucking time.⁣

You burn it all down.⁣

But this time it’s different. You’re holding on with dear life. You’re not willing to let it go.⁣

It’s time to burn the bitch down.⁣

All the lies. All the struggle. All the feeling not good enough.⁣

It’s time to stop trying so hard to do it all right. To hold it all together.⁣

To make it all work.⁣

It’s time to do the work of being you. 100% unapologetically. No fucks given. Take it or leave it. Love me or leave me. Bold. Beautiful. Unshakably.⁣


It’s time to let go of the shadow life. And step into your destiny.⁣

It’s time to fully embrace your certain special brand of crazy.⁣

Baby girl. It’s time to go all in on that beautiful. Bold. Undeniable. Unstoppable world shaking version of you.⁣

In short.⁣

It’s time to stop settling for good enough.⁣

It’s time to run. It’s time to howl. It’s time to find your pack.⁣

I see you. I believe in you. You don’t have to do this alone.⁣

Xo! Mindy 💕💕⁣


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