This is so next level next level.


This is so next level next level. 💸💦🔥

As I’m sitting in the bath enjoying Goddess current nanny is in the other room training my new nanny.

A week ago our amazing nanny gave notice. We absolutely love her and in the past I would shut people out of my life when they leave so it wouldn’t hurt.

Instead I leaned into talking to her about what she wants and what’s best for all of us.

I let her know that I want her to be happy and the part that really worried me was finding and training her replacement.

In one week she found, interviewed and hired our new nanny. She wrote out all of our processes. How we run our home. How to care for the children. How to support me.

Today she took her through everything.

And it was so fcking easy.


Because I stayed the fck out of the way. I asked her for the support I wanted and she handled it even better than I would have.

Not only that...we also found a way for her to continue working with us part time to spend the weekend with the kids when I have my monthly staycations and she’s going to deep clean my house once a week.

It’s so amazing what happens when we act from alignment instead of fear. When we choose faith.

I could have decided to make this so fcking hard. I could have stressed the hell out. I could have been afraid to ask for what I wanted. I could have made it mean something about me and my kids.

But instead I decided it gets to be so fcking easy...and it was.

I am so grateful for the next level life we get to live every day.

We get do it all. We get be it all. We get have it all.

love you!!

Xo! Mindy

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