I used to be triggered AF...


I used to be triggered AF by those coaches who danced around on the internet.

Now I’m one of those coaches who dances around on the internet.

I used to be triggered AF by women who referred to themselves as witches.

Now I’m referred to as a witch.

I used to be triggered AF by coaches who celebrated every fcking milestone and made it look so fcking easy.

Now I’m one of those coaches who celebrates the fck out of the money and makes it look so fcking easy.

I used to be triggered by coaches who make $100…

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It's time to stop being a scared little b*tch.


It’s time to stop being a scared little Btch.

It’s time to show the fck up.

It’s time to do the thing you’re here to do.

But I don’t know what to do.

I call bullsht.

I don’t know what to say.

I call bullsht.

I don’t know what to sell.

I. Call. Bullsht.

The truth is you’re lying to yourself.

You know damn well what to say. You know damn well how to say it.

You know damn well who to say it to.

You know exactly what you’re here to unleash on the world.

Exactly what the next step is.

The problem is you’re scared.…

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Let's talk about selling in a crisis...


Let’s talk about selling in a crisis.

Let’s talk about showing up in the middle of it.

Let’s talk about holding it all.

Let’s talk about the fear of what they might think. What they might say. What they might do.

Let’s talk about showing the fck up.

No. Matter. What.

No matter how fcked up the circumstances get. No matter how much we want to run and hide. No matter how much we don’t want to be seen.

No matter how hard it gets.

We have a job to do. A message to share.

A people to serve.

A reason for being …

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Let's talk about radical acceptance...


Let’s talk about radical acceptance.

This week they found an eggplant sized fibroid on my uterus.


I know.

What the fck right?

Friday they said I had a mass.

Friday night they said it was the size of a softball.

All weekend we waited.

Monday they said it was the size of an eggplant and most likely not cancer.

So that’s good.

But it’s still there.

Inside the wall of my uterus.

To say I’ve been scared would be an understatement.

When we have it all. We also hold it all.

We get to celebrate on the back end …

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Yesterday was scary...


Yesterday was scary…

Some days are hard. Some days are scary.

Some days we have to ask for help.

It doesn’t mean it’s not working. It doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

It just means we are growing. We are expanding. We are ready for more.

It means being able to hold the good with the bad.

It means being able to show up through the tears.

It means being here for all of it.

The duality. The the fear. The joy.

All. Of. It.

Yesterday was scary.

On the back of a $9,500 week. Welcoming the most amazing women into my …

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And then THIS happened…🙀🙀🙀


I almost didn’t hit post.

It came through. I knew it was what I wanted to say. What I meant. What I felt.

And I froze.

What will THEY think. What will HE think. What will my MOM think.

Yep. All of it.

Rushing though my head. Through my body. Through my soul.

I saved the draft. I took a breath. I messaged a friend.

And then remembered who the fck I am.

I am the one who says the things no one else will say. The things that others think but keep locked away deep inside.

The things that make people shift. Ma…

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You ever just forget who the fck you are.


You ever just forget who the fck you are.

Yeah. I get it. Me too.

See…here’s the thing. I’ve been too humble. I’ve been too quiet. I’ve been too leaned back.

(NOTE: If you’re finding yourself triggered by the statement…I’ve been too humble…I suggest you look up humble.) 👈🏻

Ok back to my point.

Here’s the thing.

I’m a fcking sales genius. In fact…I have been for a long time.

I’ve been hinting around about it this past week. Inviting you to join me in SXY A$$ SALES…for FREE.

I’ve been super clear on who she…

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We made $200,000 CASH in 12 months.


$200,000. We made $200,000 CASH in 12 months.

On the back of one of our lowest months of the year.

The month where we started homeschooling twin 2nd graders.

The month that we decided to focus on self care. Systems. Feeling safe.

The month where we shifted visitations.

The month where everything changed.

This month instead of focusing on the money. I focused on regulating my nervous system.

I focused on consistency. Giving value. Asking for the sale. Showing up.

No. Matter. What.

I focused on how it felt…

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re: did you see this...

Sexy Ass Sales - Mindy - R1

Sales is not about getting them to buy our shit.

It’s not about saying the right thing so that they will buy.

It’s not about convincing them to give us money.

It’s not about identifying their pain.

It’s not sleazy. Salesy. Overly masculine. Manipulative. Gross. Icky.


Not anymore.

Welcome to SXY A$$ SALES. The Energetics. Mindset. And strategy to selling from soul and having the most amazing time doing it.

Imagine. Knowing what they want. And how to give it to them…in a way that feels so damn good.…

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On not selling from alignment & why it’s selfish AF...


See…here’s the thing.

Selling is an act of service. Showing up every day. Growing our communities. Giving value. Making offers. Asking for the sale.

This is love. This is service. This is why we’re here.

To say the thing we’re here to say. To live the life we’re here to live. To do the work we’re here to do.

No. Matter. What.

No matter what they say. No matter what they do. No matter what they think.

Our job is to live in alignment with the result we offer…first. To take care of ourselves…first. To ta…

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