The big risk...


Sometimes being unchained means the ability to soften. To allow. To let someone in.

Sometimes the bold move is to stop fighting. To breathe. To trust.

Sometimes the next level is to stop trying to do it all alone.

Sometimes the power is in the leaning back.

The bravery in being vulnerable. Trusting the process. Not having to figure it all out.

Sometimes we have to decide.

To do things the way we’ve always done. Or to shift. To be scared. To go all in.

To allow a new experience regardless of the outcome…

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Unleash the dragon inside...


My Clients come to me when they are ready to walk through the fire. When they are ready to let it burn.

When they are ready to be set free.

To unlock the dragon inside. To unleash their next level.

To walk through the flames.

This is where our work begins.

They have done all things. Taken all the courses. Learned all the systems.

They have the money. The power. The impact.

And they are ready for more.

They are ready to embrace the fire. Contain the flame.

To burn. To walk. To breathe.

To allow the dragon …

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It's time to burn it all down.


It’s time to walk through the FIRE. Time to burn it all down. Time. To. Set. Her. FREE.

The fully expressed. Fully embodied. Fully activated Goddess within.

The who cannot be fcked with.

The one who is unshakeable.

The one who lights your soul on FIRE.

It’s time to walk in your power.

It’s time for next fcking level.

It’s time to destroy the chains that bind us. Unleash the power within.

It’s time to stop being afraid of what they might think.

It’s time to fcking FLY.

Welcome to UNCHAINED.

Welcome to redef…

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The ascension symptoms are REAL.


The ascension symptoms are REAL.

Everything you’re feeling in your body. The things that don’t make sense.

The visions you’re having. The powers you’re unlocking. The voices you’re hearing.

The deep knowing.

It’s. All. Fcking. REAL.

It’s all happening. Stronger than ever before. A new earth is emerging. A new timeline is developing.

A new magic is coming.

She’s deep. She’s dark. She’s powerful.

She’s scary as FCK.

The answer.

Lean into the fear. Lean into the darkness. Lean into the pain.

Allow the fire to…

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When women come into my world, everything changes...


When women come into my world everything changes.

Codes are unlocked. Flood gates are open. Timelines are shifted.

And it begins with the investment. The “holy fck.” The “am I ready.” The “Can I really trust myself.”

To show up. To integrate. To embody. To calibrate.

To invest at this level.

To. Fcking. Jump.

This is where our work begins. This is where the activation happens. This is where we fly.

The rest is magic. It cannot be explained or really understood.

It’s everything and nothing. It’s the coll…

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The biggest month yet…🔥


I’m coming into August with a new sense of gratitude.

A renewed sense of receiving. A deeper sense of ease.

July was a wild ride.

From the loss of a loved one. Weeks feeling unaligned to sell anything. Multiple collaborations and processing through sisterhood sounds. To magical moments with my babies.

She was a month of transformation. Releasing. Walking through the fire.

She was a month of surrender.

A month of breaking cycles that no longer served me.

A month of trusting that money can come independe…

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On what's going on with the collective.


Surrender to the fire. Surrender to the flame.

There is a shift in the collective. A death. A preparing. A burning to the ground.

A Phoenix rising from the ashes. Emerging from the flame.

As we move towards the Lion’s Gate Portal timelines are shifting. Codes are unlocking. Realities are changing.

It’s like a shaking apart and the physical can feel impossible to contain.

I promise this doesn’t last forever and the quickest way out is through.

It’s in the surrender. The radical acceptance. The gentle c…

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How did this even happen...


I didn’t sign up for this.

This is not the life I wanted.

I used to think this was the truth.

But the truth is. The life I’m here for. The work I’m here for. The people I’m here for.

Are exactly the ones I tried to avoid.

I had two big goals in life.

Be a millionaire. And NEVER be a single mom in Spokane on welfare with two girls and a boy.


Here we are.

3 years into the life I swore I’d never live.

3 years after leaving it all. Being homeless. Feeling like a failure.

3 years into this magical life. S…

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Let’s fcking fly 🔥


I love the taste of payment notifications in the morning.

Waking up to the sunset and women saying yes.

Yes to themselves. Yes to their business. Yes to their lives.

Women saying I’m in. Let’s play. Let’s fly.

Women going all on in on the magic. The madness. The miracles.

Waiting for them on the other side.

The women in my world come to play. To move. To shift.

To soar.

They are ready for for freedom. They are ready for next level.

They are ready to hold it all.

They are ready to rocket through the glass …

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On Goddes Days, I receive.


On Goddess Days I receive.

I don’t force things to happen. I give myself space to feel. To allow. To be.

To breathe.

On Goddess Days I am free.

To do what I want. To feel how I want. To eat what I want. To be who I want.

To tap in. To listen. To flow.

I do the inner work. I sit with the fear. I let her speak.

I play with the energy of more please.

Not doing more. Not making more. Not working more.

Being more. Allowing more. Receiving more.

I play in the frequency of yes. I live in vibes of abundance.

I dan…

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