This is the part they don’t see…


This is the part they don’t see…

The sleepless nights. The constant mindset work. The hit to the nervous system every time money leaves the account…no matter how much is in there.

The uncomfortable conversations.

The feeling like you’re not good enough.

That feeling like they will never buy again. That this will be the last time. That it’s not really going to work.

They don’t see the the constant questioning…is this really what I’m here to do. Do they even like me. Is this even working.

They see the b…

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...This is Insane.


I knew I wanted in…I made the decision.

I said yes…I fcking jumped.

It was a $93,000 investment.

A 12 month commitment.

For a fcking mastermind.

I remember the moment…Almost $8,000/month.

For a fcking mastermind.

I remember the moment…I know this is what I want.

I remember the moment…I’m jumping off the cliff.

I remember the moment…I’m going all in.

I remember the moment…holy shit.

I’m in….It’s done.

I joined for the calls. For Voxer. For the programs. For the vibe.

I came for the proximity for the access.


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The day I lost it all…

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This morning I made $3,000 while laying in bed after a night of mind blowing…I digress.

2 years ago I went from $10,000 - $20,000 cash months to having $147 in my bank account almost overnight.

The world shifted in an instant and so did my income.

I remember how it felt. The fear. The uncertainty. The walls crashing in around me.

The questioning.

And then something happened. I made a decision.

That I would not be defined by my circumstances. That I would not give up my power. That I would not quit no …

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I'm here for the woman who moves...


I am here for the woman who moves.

The one who does what she says. The one who is committed. The one who goes all in no matter what.

The one who never gives up.

I am here for the woman who leads herself.

The one who who honors her word.

The one who goes first.

I am here for the woman ready for next level. Ready for magic. Ready to have it all.

Without the struggle. Without the hustle. Without the overwhelm. Without making it so damn hard.

I am here for the one who trusts herself.

The one who jumps when h…

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Mindy…what if it doesn’t mean anything 🤷🏼‍♀️


What if we could detach from the story. The result. The outcome.

What if we could be fully present. Fully embodied. Fully alive.

What if we could stop making everything mean something.

About us. About them.

What if we could just be right here. Right now. In this moment. In this magic.

What if we could receive…live…move from this place.

What if we could let go of the definitions.

Good. Bad. Dark. Light. Right. Wrong.

What if everything has the potential to serve us. What if they no longer define us.

What …

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When it feels like everything is falling apart...


What to do when the world feels like it’s falling apart.

Being in alignment means trusting our desires. It means connecting to Source. It means asking…if I knew everything I did made me money.

What would I do right now.

Who would I be right now.

How would I feel right now.

Because the truth is. Right now is all we’ve got.

The past is just a memory. The future is only a story.

The truth is in our right now. The truth is in this present moment.

It’s not about what happened before. It’s not about what migh…

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Welcome to the vortex...


To the woman here to change the world…

We do not create so that they will buy. We do not create so that they will get results.

We do not create so that they will follow. We do not create for likes and comments.

We create because it is our job to create.

It is our job to allow the message to come through. It our job to live in alignment with our art every single day. It is our job to sit our ass in the chair and see what happens.

It’s our job to show up. To live the unconventional life. To create the …

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The choice is yours...


There is so much duality in the world right now.

So much questioning. Silencing. Dividing.

So much emotion. Conviction. Passion.

So much freedom. Pain. Expression wanting to break free.

So. Much. Control.

And we get to decide.

To Navigate the constructs. The platforms. The systems.

In such a way that our message is heard. That our words are not shut down. That our body’s are seen.

To delicately move like a tiger slipping through the grass.

To be magnetic.

To draw them in.


To say F- the system. F- the al…

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Burn. Baby. Burn. 


Burn. Baby. Burn. 🔥🔥

Walk in your truth. Activate your power. Let the past slip away.

Set the world on fire.

Surrender to the flame.

Let. The. Dragon. FREE.

The time for ascension is here. The rise from the ashes is coming.

Walk in the fire. Stand in your power. Activate your truth.

No. Matter. What.

No matter what they do. No matter what they think. No matter what they say.

Stand firm.

Release the dragon inside. Let her burn. Let her fly. Let her speak.

Let. Her. Be.

Do not be afraid. But if you are…

Do it an…

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Here's the thing with manifestation...


Here’s the thing with manifestation…

What we want. Wants us back. What we desire to have in our lives desires to be there. What we dream of dreams of us.

When we put it in the portal. When we ask for what we want. When we decide it’s done already and move from there it can’t help but come to us.

It wants us as badly as we want it.

The problem is…

We get in our own way.

We set the intention. We thank the Universe. We get into alignment.

And then.

We forget. Forget it’s already done. Forget it’s on its wa…

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