This is who I'm here for...


Who I’m here for…

My 1:1 Clients already have it all.

They already have the money. The power. The Clients. The impact.

They already have the success.

They did it. They arrived. And they want more.

They come to me when they’re ready to be it all.

Fully turned on. Full embodied. Fully expressed. Fully excited. Fully activated.

They desire to be in my energy. To be fully supported. To be held.

To know they are enough. And never too much.

To go all in on the madness and Magic that’s waiting to come out.

To dr…

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It gets to be so fcking easy 🔥💦


Expansion comes from who we are. Not in-spite of it.

I make big moves. Big investments. Big shifts.

I get big results. Big impact. Big money.

I move when Soul says move. I pause when Soul says pause.

I. Trust. Always.

I live a life beyond my wildest dreams. I not only break all the rules. I’m actually unavailable for them.

I dress how I want to dress. I spend how I want to spend. I say what I want to say.

I fck how I want to fck.


I am here to live the biggest. Boldest. Baddest. Sexiest. Most expr…

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Meditation makes me money. 💫💫


Whenever my Clients are going through it. When they are holding the energetic flip side to their success.

When they are leaning into their power. Feeling like it’s never going to end.

Feeling like it’s all too much.

I always ask.

How’s your meditation. How’s your morning routine. How’s your connection.

And 90% of the time the answer is...well.

I’ve been so busy. I have so much going on. The kids get up so early. I’m running out of time.

And the truth is. I so get it.

My daily meditation practice seems t…

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Instant Money Magic [Expires at 5pm PST]

I know I know...Instant Money Magic sounds like some sort of weird woo shit where money magically falls from the sky. 

Well...actually. It kind of is. 

I remember when I first started talking about manifestation. 

It felt so weird to even use the word. But the truth is. That is exactly what I had been doing. 

I have manifested cars. Trips. Homes. Men. Nannies. Jobs. Opportunities. Clients. Money...fck tons of money. 

Now I don’t mean the laying around masturbating on the couch h…

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SCALE starts ready.


The ability to scale is not just about strategies and systems.

It’s an energy. A belief. A vibe.

It’s breaking down generational curses. Limiting beliefs. Old thought patterns.

It’s about being willing to look at what’s no longer working. What’s no longer in alignment. What no longer sets your soul on fire.

And walking away from that shit. Burning it down. Letting it go.

It’s about doing it your way. From soul. From flow. From joy.

It’s about having the fcking time of your life.

It’s about allowing the…

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Be You. Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Unapologetic.


Be you. Be bold. Be beautiful. Be unapologetic.

We were not made for a box.

We were not made to follow the rules.

We were not made to be like them.

We were made to shake shit up. Break shit up. Make a fcking mess.

We were made to blaze the trail. To break the rules. To live the life.

That others don’t believe is possible.

We were made to do the things no one else will do.

To say things no one else will say.

To be the bitch no one else will be.

So that the world will change.

So that the world will see.

That …

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He saw into my soul. And I let him.


He found his way in. He saw my soul. Saw all of me. And I let him.

Last night I went on the best date of my life.

He showed up early. He brought a bouquet of all my favorite flowers.

He opened my doors. Held my hand. Made space for me to breathe and held me close when I was ready.

He paied attention. He led. He felt so safe.

He’s everything I asked for...everything my soul desired...and until a week ago I wasn’t ready.

A week ago I was an energetic match for the bad boys. The fck boys. The dangerous o…

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Being the badass CEO.


Being the CEO of a multi six figure...soon to be 7 figure per year brand means showing up as her now.

Being the next level


It means collapsing time.

It means making space for the magic.

It means doing the work and allowing the work to keep working.

It means abundance. Ease. Flow.

It means That hold it all.

It means joy.

The money. The freedom. The life.

It means getting to have it fcking all.

When we get out of the way. When we trust it’s al…

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Such a fcking vibe 💸💦


Today was a fcking Vibe. 💸💦

I’m so grateful for moments like these.

Literally living my best life. So many things to celebrate.

Making more in 5 minutes than I used to make in one month.

Paying in full for private coaching.

Morning snuggles with my babies.

Launching SCALE from my phone. On my black velvet sofa. At my fancy ass office. While my kids were at home playing with one of our two nannies.

Breathing in all the abundance.

Being reminded that we get to HAVE it all. When we stop trying to DO it all.


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Your next level is waiting...are you ready?


My Muse is up early...My next level is waiting.

On the other side of waking up at 5am.

On the other side of diligence.

On the other side of precision.

My next level is waiting for me.

I’ve know where she was this whole time.

Yet I fight her.

I make decisions that keep her away.

I stay up late...even when I don’t have to.

I sleep in...even when I don’t really want to.

I tell myself stories.

That I don’t have the time. That it’s too early. That I can sleep as late as I want.

And I can.

And I can continue to ca…

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