$2,222 while making the bed 🙌🏻


I made $2,222 while making my fcking bed. 64 women are already in for the Masterclass we dropped last night. Money is flowing in on the daily.

This is the vibe. This is the magic. This is how it works.

When we tap into flow. When we get into alignment. When we do the fcking thing.

Even when it’s scary. Even when it doesn’t make sense. Even when everything in our human is screaming…this is fcking insane.

When we jump.

When we trust.

When we move.

From faith. From abundance. From yes. From flow.

This is t…

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$15,000 in ONE HOUR 🔥🔥


When women come into my world codes are unlocked.

Timelines are shifted.

Money falls from the sky.

This is the magic.

Of breaking free. Of limitless possibilities. Of untapped abundance.

This is the magic of going deep. Allowing the space. Making it fcking rain.

This is the secret my Clients have used to manifest:

$12,000 in ONE WEEK.

$20,000 in ONE CALL.

$15,000 in ONE HOUR.

$40,000 in ONE DAY.

$1 Million in ONE QUARTER.

This is the secret to working less and being more.

This is the secret to making it rain…

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When the world shakes you apart…


Who is this woman looking back at me.

So. Much. Space.

So much integration. So much shifting. So much energy.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. A vortex. A shaking part.

A coming back together.

I have outgrown people. Containers. Situations. Standards.

I am an entirely different person.

More grounded in my body. In my knowing. In my truth.

More free in my spirit. In my magic. In my power.

More activated. More on fire. More at peace.

The money is the byproduct. The magic is the reason.

The shift i…

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$123,000 in 6 months…what!!


As I sit here anchoring in our biggest cash month ever. The biggest quarter yet. Over $123,000 cash received so far for the year.

I feel like I’m going to shake apart. Like the tears will never stop.

See. It doesn’t make sense. I had so much to hold this month.

Not having a nanny. My kids unexpected trip to California. So many emotions.

Some days it feels light. Others it feels like too much.

But every day. I allow myself to feel it. To go all the way through the emotions. To come out on the other si…

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Holy Sh*t! $12,000 CASH in 5 Days!!


Holy sh*t we did $12,000 CASH in 5 days!! 💸💦

And I took the whole weekend off. Here’s how…

I said YES. I listened. I trusted.

I got into alignment. I asked for wanted I wanted. Assumes the answer was yes.

And then I moved.

I didn’t try to figure it out. Make it work. Do more.

I didn’t sell more when it looked like it wasn’t working. I didn’t push more when the money wasn’t coming in.

I connected to the woman who already had it. The one who already knew what to do. The one who’s already there.

I showed up …

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She’s fcking HERE!! And she’s so damn sexy!! 

Mindy S - YES - R3

She’s fcking HERE!! And she’s so damn sexy!! 🥵💦

40 of you are already IN!! With no details. No branding. Just energy. This is the vibe of YES!

Welcome to YES. The Frequency of Abundance. A FREE 3 Day LIVE Money Activation Event.

This is about saying yes to soul. It is about tapping into the frequency of abundance. It’s about trust.

It’s about being her already and turning on the the fcking money hose.

It’s about rapid manifestation. Rapid money magic. It’s about making it fcking rain.

This event will ch…

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Holy fcking shit! 🤯🤯


3 years ago we were homeless. This week we crossed 6 figures in cash for the year.

Today has already been a $5,517 day.

While feeling all the things. Crying on the couch. Allowing the pain to wash over me.

$5,517 cash on my day off.

The day I allow myself to rest. To recharge. To just be.

While going to the bakery and buying $50 worth of bread and cheese.

Because I feel like it.

While celebrating the gratitude for this amazing life I get to live.

Feeling so deep into what it was like just 3 years ago. W…

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The thing that’s stopping you…


The thing that’s standing in the way…and what to fcking do about it.

Sit your ass in the chair.

This is one of the most important things I teach my Clients.

It’s about leaning in. It’s about doing the work. It’s about allowing the space.

It’s about trust.

It’s about jumping off the cliff.

Every. Single. Day.

It’s about no longer being available for our excuses.

It’s about doing the thing we’re here to do always. It’s about trusting it’s all working out in our favor.

It’s about fully committing to the mes…

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On receiving more money...


On money and letting it be so fcking easy.

We all have coding around money. A blueprint. A system of beliefs.

A story.

That tells us. In some way. In order to be worth it. We have to earn it.

That great work equals great reward.

That hard work pays off.

During our journey codes are unlocked. Blueprints are shifted. Limiting beliefs are dropped.

Yet. To some degree.

This story remains. That we only get to count it. Only get to celebrate it. Only get to enjoy it.

If we worked for it.

That when we fully step…

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About this weekend...


About this weekend…

So much receiving. So much rest. So much beauty. So much abundance.

Surprise coffee dates with magical unicorns.

Mind blowing food. Mind blowing sex.

So much channeling. So much coming through.

So much magic.

When we ride the wave. When we let it flow. When we stay in the vortex.

It gets to be so fcking easy. It gets to be so fcking sexy. It gets to be a fcking vibe.

Here’s to living a life that turns you the fck on every single day.

Here’s to celebrating the magic. Here’s to being it…

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