So fcking much to celebrate today!!


So fcking much to celebrate today!!

$1,111 cash received in 5 minutes.

Over $7,000 cash received in just over 24 hours.

74 Badasses in Rebel Money Queen.

7 Badasses jumping into SCALE in 24 hours...16 epic women total.

My current nanny on-boarding my new nanny while I napped.

A donut party with my kids to celebrate all the abundance and this life with so much to be grateful for.

Holding all of the fckery that came up this past week. The emotions. The overwhelm. The defaulted payments. The fear. And tru…

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This is so next level next level.


This is so next level next level. 💸💦🔥

As I’m sitting in the bath enjoying Goddess current nanny is in the other room training my new nanny.

A week ago our amazing nanny gave notice. We absolutely love her and in the past I would shut people out of my life when they leave so it wouldn’t hurt.

Instead I leaned into talking to her about what she wants and what’s best for all of us.

I let her know that I want her to be happy and the part that really worried me was finding and training her …

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We are’s time to fly b*tch.


We are’s time to fly bitch.

I have made myself small. I have accommodated. I have tried to make things work for everyone.

I have made my desires less important.

I have watered myself down.

I have settled.

All in the name of wanting too much. Being too much. Doing too much.

But the truth is.

It’s not my job to dim my light to make other more comfortable.

It’s not my job to settle on what I want because it’s all I think they are capable of.

It’s not my job to make things work …

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It's not always easy.


Being a single mom is not always easy.

Running an empire that’s changing the world every day is not always easy.

Feeling the things that come up every day is not always easy.

It means holding a lot at the same time.

A lot of joy. A lot of pain. A lot of laughter. A lot of growth.

At the same time.

It means sleepless nights.

Tired mornings.

Lots of emotions.

And in all of that.

I choose to find the ease. The peace. The flow.

I choose to trust myself.

To let go of the constant flow of voices in my head.


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You get to do what the fck you want


Tuesday’s are for doing whatever the fck I want.

Actually...most days are.

Imagine a life. A business. A world.

Of freedom.

Freedom from stress.

Freedom from overwhelm.

Freedom from having to figure it all out.

Imagine making money.

Every. Single. Day.

From ease.

From flow.

From joy.

Imagine the freedom you went into business for.

The life you’ve always dreamed of.

The money. The clients. The impact.

Imagine having it fcking all.


Anything is possible...when we decide.

It gets to be so fcking easy...when …

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It gets to be so fcking easy!

What if you let go of all the rules. Stopped figuring out all the things.

Decided that it gets to be so fucking easy.

What if you decided to drop the hustle. The struggle. The story.

That I’m not good enough. I can’t do enough. I won’t be enough.

What if you decided that everything is always working out for you.

That it is ALWAYS this or something better. This or something more.

What if I decided that everything in your life is preparing you for right …

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I felt like such a horrible mom...


I used to feel like a horrible mom because I didn’t want to spend all day playing with my kids.

Truth is.

Most days. I still do.

Most days I have to remember who I am. Who they are. And what we’re here to do.

Then I have days like today.

Watching my nanny lead my babies out for an adventure.

So much gratitude. So much peace. So much pressure removed.

I used to feel like I horrible mom because I didn’t want to spend all day playing with my kids.

Because I love my work. My freedom. My spac…

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Holy fcking sh*t! I did it!!


Holy fcking shit! I did it!!

I tapped into the frequency of overflow.

I just did the math. And not only did I finish the month over $21,000 in CASH received and even more than that in sales.

I have over $10,000 of it left!

Now hear me on this.

I always have enough. I always have what I want and what I need.

I always buy whatever I want. And always make enough for all of it.

But this month I made a decision.

I was ready for more.

I was ready to buy all the things I want. Have all the experiences. Do all t…

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I never want to forget this moment.


I never want to forget this moment.

Looking over the falls. Balling my eyes out. Wondering if I’ll ever be enough.

If I’ll ever feel enough. If I’ll ever do enough.

Knowing. Deep in my soul.

I already am. I’m already there. I’ve already done it.

Trusting every step I take. Knowing everything is always adding up for me.

That God’s always got me.

That I am so fcking good at what I do.

That my work changes lives. Shifts generations. Changes the world.

And some days.

I feel like I’ll never get there.

And still…

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I just crossed $70,000 CASH for the year...


I just crossed $70,000 CASH for the year!!!

$2,300 for the day. $7,500 for the week. $18,000 for the month.

Working less. Being more.

Doing what I love.

Every. Single. Day.

Connecting to source. Trusting myself. Allowing it to be easy.

2.5 years ago I made $2,300/month at my job.

2 years ago I made $7,500/month in my business.

And now...

This is collapsing time. This is the magic.

This is letting it be so fcking easy.

It may not always feel like it’s working. It may not always feel li…

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